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"Benitez doesn’t settle for pat answers as to the characters’ futures, and that’s a good thing. Thanks to her openness, and the strength and commitment of the actresses here, you will care about the eventual outcome—but you won’t necessarily know it.

...But Benitez avoids lectures, and makes her people talk like people... 

-Sarasota Magazine, Kay Kipling



"You get a sense of their messy lives unfolding. And the beautiful illusion that it’s all unrehearsed." -The Observer

And that’s the beauty of this show: ...we’re seeing an exceptional production of what we might dare to call a topic of passing consequence. But the while it might not be our reality, that reality is out there, looming on the horizon

Dike is a clarion call for us to respect and understand that reality. -Cathy Salustri, Creative Loafing

" It’s a play without a hitch, meaning it looks good, the actresses are on point, and you can lose yourself in the production, which is a gift not given at every play I’ve seen this past year.

...You need to go see Dike because it’s a damn fine show. "

   "-Cathy Salustri- Creative Loafing Tampa Bay

" The young playwright demonstrates a profound gift for crafting intense dialog, every line of which rings true. Dike moves at a crisp pace as the tension is masterfully-ratcheted up and up through even the most subtle scenes. Absent the sometimes hyper-realistic dialog of a medium that is, for the most part, denied the nuanced subtext that can be achieved in film, Benitez somehow manages to bring to the stage something that feels much more like an indy movie than a typical theatrical drama. At a time in which the stage is desperate to draw the attention of youthful audiences, this may well be Dike's most impressive achievement. The play drips with authenticity so convincing as to create an experience so intense that it stays with the audience long after the proverbial curtain has fallen....Dike is nothing short of a brilliant piece of innovative stagecraft that will have even those who find themselves cynical about theater's future in an increasingly digital world excited about the medium once more. It is also sure to leave anyone who has the pleasure of seeing it eager for whatever Miss Benitez does next. "- Bradenton Times, Dennis Maley

" The story develops at a natural and tender pace that allows the audience to appreciate the characters and care for them in different ways. The women pull you in, make you question your own beliefs and values and wonder about the best way to respond and move forward.".....

Emerging playwright Hannah Benitez reveals an eye for potent material and conflict and an ear for a natural sense of dialogue and conversation ....

Her play, impressively staged by Tatiana Pandiani and performed by a well-matched quartet of actresses, stirs a lot of feelings about how family relationships can be impacted by religious beliefs. Benitez asks many questions and doesn’t provide a neat and tidy package of answers. She wisely leaves some things open to interpretation. "

-Jay Handelman-the herald tribune

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